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    Play Games, Get Girls on New Social Network

    Well… not exactly. Though admittedly, that may be the dream for a substantial part of the population. There’s a new start-up out there that capitalizes on the Jeff Albertson, geek in all of us. It hurts, because you know it’s true.  Anyway, the start-up is...


  • Noticing The Subtleties In Prototype

    Noticing The Subtleties In Prototype

    Is Prototype better on Playstation 3?  (Ha Ha score!) Check out some zoomed in shots… I don’t know… looks tricky to me.  But really do pay attention to the detail on the ground for the PS3 version. Thoughts?


  • The Sniper Update

    The Sniper Update

    Oh Mr. Sniper, please don’t aim at us. The Aussie sharpshooter has even more goodies tucked in underneath his sleevies, thereby enhancing his skills by a factor of one-thousand. This is at least what Valve tells me. And they’ve convinced me to talk about a...


  • Xbox Lives On

    Xbox Lives On

    Xbox Live was on the fritz. A week later, they fixed the dang problem…but then it went back down again. Microsoft claims that the surplus of Xbox 360s used during the holidays may have contributed to the temporary downfall of Live. Consequently, Microsoft has decided...