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  • CoolGamesWorld Diablo 3 Imperius

    This Guy Just Beat Diablo III in 12 Hours

    To all the gamers out there. Don’t worry. There’s a bigger loser than you. Some guy just beat Diablo 3 in 12 hours and 29 minutes. That sounds pretty impressive to me since I can’t imagine doing anything uninterrupted for more than 4. Player Yoshichan...


  • Wow Uch King

    Play World of Warcraft Free

    You heard me. Free. World of Warcraft is being handed out like hot cakes. Is somebody crazy? What you get: 20 levels Up to 10 gold coins Unlimited number of characters What you don’t get: Guild membership Why it’s cool: You save £8.99, which is...


  • CoolGamesWorld_StarcraftII_Wings_Of_Liberty_Video_Game_Leaked_Screenshot

    Starcraft II LEAKED. See The Video Here.

    Oh baby. Blizzard is going to have a field day. Well, it’s already had several. There are little Starcraft II copies running around the internet right now and for the time being, gamers in the UK have managed to crack open a Collector’s Edition of...