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    New iPhone App That Turns Twitter Feeds Into Video Games

    It’s not as awesome as you think. Personally, I was hoping for something in the same vein as Duke Nukem – shooting things, lighting enemies on fire, being badass in general. But of course, as with all good ideas, the people behind this iPhone app...


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    New Apple Patent Removes Dirty Words From Text Messages :(

    Apple recently filed a patent that implements a control filter on certain words. But it’s okay. You needn’t care. According to the official patent, “The…control application evaluates whether or not the communication contains approved text based on, for example, objective ratings criteria or a user’s...


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    The New iPod Nano Doubles As A Spanking Wristwatch

    A few weeks ago, Stevie Jobs unveiled new designs on his Apple range. The iPod Nano being one of them. Since then, it’s taken on a sexier shape and as chance would have it, it doubles as a fairly spanking wristwatch. Yes, I’m actually talking...


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    Apple Introduces New Social Network: Ping

    Apple is simply one of the most powerful multinational companies out there. It is currently this (_____)  close to capturing the entire Outernet. The Plan (so far): Set up small-time computer company Win people over with cutesy apple logo Act like there really is no...


  • CoolGamesWorld_iPhone4_istethoscope

    Turn Your iPhone Into A Stethoscope

    Firstly, I’m a bit skeptical. This sounds kind of like the lie-detector app that does nothing but serve you random yes’s, no’s, and definitely maybe’s. It also appears to be in the same vein as martial art tutorials that teach you to knock men out...


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    Free Bumper Cases For Apple iPhone 4 Owners

    I’m not entirely sure if this is because of the Chuck Schumer incident, but it seems like Apple is stepping up and handing out free bumper cases to iPhone 4 owners. We all know about “antenna-gate” and the “death grip” debacle but I can’t help...


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    US Senate Gets Involved In iPhone 4 Reception Problem

    Wow. This has officially gotten way out of hand. Chuck Schumer of the New York Senate just issued a press release demanding that Apple deliver a “clearly written explanation” on their reception problem. *Laughs uncontrollably* You got to be kidding me. Being honest here, I...


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    New iPod Touch In The Making? Take A Sneak Peek Now.

    iPhone4 just got released, albeit along with a bevy of problems. You probably know about them. Anyway, it’s likely that a new, iPod touch is on the way. Though there’s no official designation, let’s be avant-garde my friends, and call it… iPod 4. Rumors in...


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    Deposit Paper Checks Using Just Your iPhone

    I hate that there’s a cap on the time you can deposit a check. You know, me being so busy and all. No matter.¬†Banking giant CHASE has got this under wraps. Using wonderful technology, users can deposit paper checks into CHASE accounts via iPhone. Really,...


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    Easy Way To Fix iPhone 4 Reception Problems

    Jobs has released yet another product. The iPhone 4 is beautifully curved, sleek, wondrously sexy and has an uncanny ability to make lots and lots of money. The damnest thing however is that it also has an uncanny ability to not take phone calls. For...