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  • CoolGamesWorld God of War Ascension Sony Press Conference E3 2012

    Check out the new God of War: Ascension Demo from E3!

    Wow. God of War: Ascension looks amazingly good. During this year’s E3 2012 Sony Press Conference, Game Director Todd Papy made the world very excited by showing glimpses of the upcoming God of War video game. From what I hear, GoW Ascension is a prequel...


  • It Boggles The Mind: Optical Illusions

    It Boggles The Mind: Optical Illusions

    An optical illusion by Akiyoshi Kitaoka. The spirals of magenta, green, orange and blue swirl in perfect unanimity. But at the behest of your cranial noodles, the green and blue are really one colour. Incredible! Load the image up in photoshop or even the paint...


  • Making The Wii Less Safe

    Making The Wii Less Safe

    The Nintendo Wii games are notoriously known for their ability to hurt people and expensive in-house items. Gaming add-ons such as peripherals only emphasize this. First off: bowling is not a sport, and those caught playing it should be punished. Playing the Wii kinda makes...


  • NASA To Fire Large Missile At Moon

    NASA To Fire Large Missile At Moon

    There are questions surrounding our neighboring satellite. Mainly, is there water on it? Scientists have wet their pants trying to figure it out. And since there are no nibbles, a missile is being aimed at the moon with the purpose of creating a six mile...


  • 128 Gigs In Your Pocket

    128 Gigs In Your Pocket

    Prior to the inception of this product it was widely known that you could get illegitimate thumb drives all over Amazon UK and eBay. But the question persists: what possible use could there be for a 128 gb memory unit? I don’t know. What I...


  • Noticing The Subtleties In Prototype

    Noticing The Subtleties In Prototype

    Is Prototype better on Playstation 3?  (Ha Ha score!) Check out some zoomed in shots… I don’t know… looks tricky to me.  But really do pay attention to the detail on the ground for the PS3 version. Thoughts?


  • Randomly Generated Sims Are Weird

    Randomly Generated Sims Are Weird

    The Sims 3 is fraught with a myriad of eccentricities, including, but not limited to the random gen button (You activate an option and the game automatically pieces together a Sim) Friends have discussed the frivolity of the feature as each random generation yields results...


  • Checking Out The Features

    Checking Out The Features

    It’s time to explore other blogging platforms. That is why I am typing away here, in this tiny little window that allows for so many textual variations. Oh btw, I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek lately. A quick search on google reveals the...


  • The Sniper Update

    The Sniper Update

    Oh Mr. Sniper, please don’t aim at us. The Aussie sharpshooter has even more goodies tucked in underneath his sleevies, thereby enhancing his skills by a factor of one-thousand. This is at least what Valve tells me. And they’ve convinced me to talk about a...


  • Area 51 Declassified, Much Remains The Same

    Area 51 Declassified, Much Remains The Same

    The cumulous shroud surrounding “that military facility” has finally dissipated. Area 51 now officially exists — which in the first place sounds silly. After all, how could the government feds ever explain that huge fenced-off tract of land at coordinates (37°14′06″N115°48′40″W) But let’s move on. For the first time in...