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  • CoolGamesWorld Sony Playstation 4 Big Reveal

    Sony Gives First Glimpse of Next-Gen Playstation 4 Console [Video]

    After Microsoft’s big reveal of its’ latest Xbox One console, Sony has been busy generating hype for its PS4. A couple weeks ago, Sony gave details on its latest next-gen console but didn’t provide any glimpses at what it actually looked like. They went over...


  • CoolGamesWorld Star Wars Best Cosplay Darth Malgus

    Possibly the Greatest Star Wars Cosplay You’ve Ever Seen [Video]

    This dude is from Ireland. He’s cosplaying Darth Malgus, a physically huge sithlord with breathing problems. The cosplayer (his name is Jules) built this entirely himself. The video really shows the incredible detail, and it looks simply fantastic. You Look: I now wait for someone...


  • CoolGamesWorld God of War Ascension Sony Press Conference E3 2012

    Check out the new God of War: Ascension Demo from E3!

    Wow. God of War: Ascension looks amazingly good. During this year’s E3 2012 Sony Press Conference, Game Director Todd Papy made the world very excited by showing glimpses of the upcoming God of War video game. From what I hear, GoW Ascension is a prequel...


  • CoolGamesWorld Unstoppable Fist iOS Teaser Trailer 8 bit iphone game

    Unstoppable Fist Lets You Punch Zombie Chickens in 8-bit Cool [Video]

    Unstoppable Fist is a video game with a delightfully simple premise: punching hostile chickens and evil fish in the face. It seems like a good bit of fun and reminds me a bit of the old Duke Nukem games which I played habitually as a...


  • CoolGamesWorld Sleeping Dogs Wei Shen Flying Kick mod

    Sleeping Dog Trailers Is Brilliant, Violent, Must-See

    I just checked out the Sleeping Dogs video game trailer and it looks very good. It might be because I just watched a whole mess of MMA fights because I’m jonesing for a good fighting game. The preview below shows quite a bit of action....


  • CoolGamesWorld Google Doodle Robert Moog Synthesizer Keyboard Title

    Jam Out With Robert Moog Google Doodle

    Let us celebrate Robert Moog’s birthday today with a finely crafted Google Doodle that has taken up more time than I’ll admit. You can do quite a lot with today’s Doodle and from a technical design perspective, it’s presented very well. You can play the...


  • CoolGamesWorld James Bond Skyfall Daniel Craig New Teaser Trailer mod

    The New James Bond Trailer Is Here And It Looks Deliciously Gritty [Video]

    It’s about time. The new James Bond film looks deadly good and I’ve got the trailer to prove it. As usual, the movie looks very action packed but it seems more “British” than past Bond films. From what I’ve seen, it’s not as exotic or...


  • DSC02950AWE

    Dr. Cool Is Back

    This, my friends is an epic occasion. Months have passed by since my last correlative update (an inside joke I’m afraid) For those that haven’t been in the know, quite a lot has happened. The Olympics (I got the flashy Coke bottles) BP’s monumental oil...


  • Evernote Lets You Remember Everything

    Evernote Lets You Remember Everything

    Evernote is an intuitive program that allows its users to capture information from many interfaces. It’s incredibly versatile and you can record all sorts of things from internet hyperlinks, images from phones, web videos and a myriad of multi-media. However, unlike other pieces of software,...


  • BioShock – 5 Big Daddies That Could Have Been

    BioShock – 5 Big Daddies That Could Have Been

    Bioshock is a killer videogame. And with news of its release in October, I found it fitting to parade its top honcho, the Big Daddy for your perusal. They’re actually concepts, but it’s good to see the crop of the drawing board.