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    Starcraft II LEAKED. See The Video Here.

    Oh baby. Blizzard is going to have a field day. Well, it’s already had several. There are little Starcraft II copies running around the internet right now and for the time being, gamers in the UK have managed to crack open a Collector’s Edition of...


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    New Starcraft II Hardware Shows Others How Well You Play

    There is new PC hardware out there. It is Starcraft-themed and I gather that many of you out there, want it. The new hardware line includes the Marauder (keyboard), the Spectre (mouse) and the Banshee (headset). Look at those babies, sleek, outrageously sexy and very expensive looking....


  • Starcraft II Release Explained

    Starcraft II Release Explained

    All those geeks out there… totally crushed by Starcraft II’s delayed release. Many including myself have wondered where the popular MMORPG had wondered off to. After some staunchy Q&A evasion, Blizzard, the company responsible for the game’s production has finally confirmed a 2010 release. I...