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  • Mass Effect Gun 4

    Mass Effect 3 Gun Replica Is Stunning

    Want. The intricacy on this baby is amazing.  Judging by the photos, there’s a fair amount of detail. The gun is obviously modeled after some main-stay weapon from Mass Effect 3. If you ask me though it seems like a replica of the N7 assault...


  • Doctor Who Series 6 trailer

    The Doctor Saves Hitler’s Life in New Series 6 Trailer

    Man I love Doctor Who. The new trailer for Series 6 looks fantastic, as most Who trailers typically do. I have to point something out though. There’s always something ridiculously wrong in the Doctor Who universe. With each subsequent series, the problem gets even more...


  • Lotus Cop Car 2

    Italian Cops Drive Lotus Evoras

    The Italian Carabinieri are the country’s military police. They drive Lotus Evoras. You ever play Need for Speed? Remember the Super Troopers? The Carabinieri are their real life equivalants. You will never outrun them. Unless that is you’re me. Or you own a DeLorean. I’m...


  • Star Wars Deleted Scenes Luke

    Never-before-seen Deleted Scenes From Star Wars. Awesome. [Video]

    Damn. There are more of them. These never-before-seen deleted scenes look surprisingly good especially when they’re played over thumping Star Wars music. This was the main reason why Comic-con was held at San Diego yesterday. You look: Favorite part of the video? When it starts...


  • Toyota Window to the World

    Toyota’s Window to the World Makes Backseat Driving Fun Again

    Backseat driving is fun again. As a kid I had very little to do while riding in my parent’s car. Sometimes if I was feeling particularly artistic, I’d imagine Bugs Bunny was running along side my car, waving to me from outside. These I referred...


  • fake apple store

    In China They Knockoff Entire Apple Stores

    China can be quite amazing. Selling fake iPods isn’t profitable enough. Not when you can knockoff entire stores. These photos were taken by an American couple living in Kunming. Only problem is that Kunming is so out of the way that it’s nowhere near the...


  • Darth-Vader-Paternity-Test

    Darth Vader Fails His Paternity Test [Comic]



  • Star Wars RTS

    Star Wars RTS on a 20ft. Touchwall Looks Fantastic [Video]

    Look at this. It’s a video game. It’s Star Wars. It’s played on a 20 foot LCD Touchwall. Sold. How does this sorcery work? You look: IT’S A TRAP! A little background: The game’s called Force Commander and it was developed by Arthur Nishimoto, a...


  • Spiderman 7

    New Images From The Amazing Spiderman

    I don’t know if you’re itching to watch The Amazing Spiderman. I realize there’s a lot of hype surrounding the reboot but being honest here, I forgot this whole deal existed until I walked past a news stand today. And there he was, Andrew Garfield,...


  • The Adventure of Tintin The Secret Unicorn

    New Tintin Trailer Looks Exciting, Sort of

    So it turns out that Tintin is being made into a movie. The list of people behind it is definitely impressive. Steven Spielberg directing, Peter Jackson producing. Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish were even brought in as writers. So check out the trailer....