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  • HOTD Overkill Extended Creeping Flesh

    HOTD: Overkill Extended Cut’s Second Bonus Chapter Looks Bloody Good

    House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut looks so gross that it must be good. Sega just revealed a new segment to the game dubbed “Creeping Flesh,” which as an aside, is not that creative. For the most part the zombies actually look scary in...


  • Super Mario Portal Gun

    What If Mario Had A Portal Gun? [Video]

    So I’m on Youtube right? And then I find this. Classic Mario having fun with wormholes i.e. Portal Gun. The possibilities are endless and the game is now utterly unfair. You look: The Highlights: Mario is now practically invincible. He fires portals into floors and...


  • Diamond Planet Found

    Huge Freaking Diamond Is As Big As Jupiter

    This pretty much shames any ring you’ve purchased in recent days. A few days ago scientists discovered a Jupiter-sized planet with a core containing super compressed carbon. Put another way, pure diamond. This recent find is pretty unique seeing as how diamond planets were never...


  • Portal No Escape Film

    Watch Portal ‘No Escape’ Short Film

    The Portal: No Escape short film has a pretty exciting vibe to it. It’s grittier, does a reasonable job exploring the Portal concept, and it kinda takes itself too seriously, which is fine by me. You look: I’m quite impressed with the film’s production value....


  • Konami Code

    Game Boy Swimsuit Is Sexy, Possibly The Only Game I’ll Play

    My first thought? Konami code all the way. This is one of those outfits that spell “arrest” for a multitude of people. I can’t help but be reminded of the same fetishes that have surrounded Slave Leia and Lara Croft. But unlike Slave Leia or...


  • Disaster proof backpack Kazuo Kawasaki

    Really Tough Backpack Looks Sexy, Take Beatings During Emergencies

    This looks odd. But it’s sexy in a non-conventional way. A team from Osaka University teamed up with designer Dr. Kazuo Kawasaki to create this, the “Vaccine Refrigerator,” a backpack to store vials of injections and medicine. Or a #8 on Quizno’s menu. This baby...


  • Playstation Vita

    I Can’t Believe Playstation Vita Has More RAM Than PS3

    Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida released some specs for the upcoming Playstation Vita. The portable console is sexy enough, but knowing that it can handle cross-chats because of a RAM boost makes it much more appealing. The Specs: Playstation Vita has 512MB of RAM...


  • Mayor Zuokas Crushes Car With Tank mod

    Mayor Crushes Illegally Parked Cars With Tank

    Some people just don't give a rat's ass.


  • Harrison Ford destroys papa smurf Conan O Brien

    Harrison Ford Wrecks A Smurf On Conan [Video]

    Cowboys & Aliens narrowly beat out The Smurfs at the box office last weekend. Even though it’s a victory, Harrison Ford looks remarkably pissed. Why? His son watched The Smurfs. That means some of the money that went to the Smurfs movie came from his...


  • Darpa Wireless charge

    Wireless Power Charges Might Be Next for Darpa

    Darpa, the United States’ Defense Department’s advanced research unit is planning on building a short-range power transmission system. Basically, a wireless charger that works up to a range of two meters. Now you and I can obviously see military applications to this. If you’re a...