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  • CoolGamesWorld Wii U Tablet New Design hyper resolution

    Check Out the Newly Redesigned Wii U Tablet

    The Wii U Tablet just went through a mild redesign. The Old The New Some QA Tester from TT Games tweeted an image a couple hours ago and you can notice some subtle differences between this new tablet and the one the world saw at...


  • CoolGamesWorld Halo 4 Bungie Gameplay footage Cover Art

    Watch New Halo 4 Gameplay & Interview with 343 Industries [Video]

    I remember playing Halo with my friends when it first came out. I wasn’t very good at it; kept getting run over by the Banshee, back when being run over wasn’t hip. Smashcut ten years later and we have Halo 4. I’m pretty sure my...


  • CoolGamesWorld Diablo 3 Imperius

    This Guy Just Beat Diablo III in 12 Hours

    To all the gamers out there. Don’t worry. There’s a bigger loser than you. Some guy just beat Diablo 3 in 12 hours and 29 minutes. That sounds pretty impressive to me since I can’t imagine doing anything uninterrupted for more than 4. Player Yoshichan...


  • CoolGamesWorld Google Zerg Rush GG

    Zerg Rush Google Easter Egg Obliterates Search Results

    There’s a new Google Easter Egg. Type in Zerg Rush. You’ve just summoned an army of little “Os” that nudge and destroy your search results. It’s damn annoying too. Watching that life bar decrease actually gives me pause. Feel Your Jaw Drop: You earn points...


  • Lamborghini Aventador J

    The New Lamborghini Aventador J Video Leaves Me Drooling

    Ahhhh oh my goodness. The new Lamborghini Aventador J is pure sex on wheels. I’m not even a fan of cars but watching this video and not sharing it with you has made me feel all sorts of guilty. You Look: The Highlights: The Aventador...


  • Scarlett Johansson Avengers Black Widow mod

    Scarlett Johansson Looking Super Snazzy As Black Widow [Video]

    The Avengers is coming out soon and it’s fairly clear that Scarlett Johansson seems to be the primary draw for a myriad of would-be viewers. Watch this clip of Scarlett Johansson playing the Black Widow as she lives through a poorly conducted interrogation while looking...


  • Internet Meme Proposal

    Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Internet Memes

    Neatly dressed nerd with combed hair proposes to his girlfriend in Kuala Lumpur. Being clever, he uses a series of Internet memes to convey his mind. God bless, it actually worked. You Look: Holding back the tears :’) Well done Tim, best of luck to...


  • Angry Birds Christmas Lights Game Close Up

    New Angry Birds Christmas Light Game Seems Excessive

    So good news. Turns out I’m not the nerdiest person on the block. If you’re an Angry Birds fan, you’ll really appreciate this outdoor, light-powered game. It’s essentially Angry Birds but louder and far less accessible. Loving the plastic-hose controller. It’s been programmed so that...


  • Freddie Wong Future of Interactive Gaming

    The Future of Motion Control Gaming Looks Pretty Kickass [Video]

    I don’t know if you’ve watched any of Freddie Wong’s videos on Youtube. They’ve got amazing visual effects. In this latest video, Freddie speculates on the future of interactive gaming. He runs around, shoots at Chimera monsters from Resistance (Insomniac actually animated them for this...


  • Cookie Monster Eats Xbox 360

    Cookie Monster Looks Baked, Eats An Entire Xbox [Video]

    Oh man oh man. Wow. Video game designer Tim Schafer walks on “conveyer belt” Sesame Street. Xbox 360 in hand, he’s real excited about going home to play with his kid (WTF). Somehow Cookie Monster gets involved and he ends up eating both cookie and...