Scarlett Johansson Looking Super Snazzy As Black Widow [Video]

The Avengers is coming out soon and it’s fairly clear that Scarlett Johansson seems to be the primary draw for a myriad of would-be viewers.

Watch this clip of Scarlett Johansson playing the Black Widow as she lives through a poorly conducted interrogation while looking suspiciously good for someone under danger.

You Look:

The Highlights:
The Black Widow out maneuvers three dudes, two of which look like serious business. She has a chair strapped to her back and somehow fends off both men who try to hug her from behind. Then she does this pro-wrestling move where she somersaults in the air and lands on top of some poor thug’s spine. That outfit of her’s is pretty snazzy too and there honestly are quite a few things I’d like to say, but I’m just too classy for that.

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