New “Thunderstorm” Super Soaker Makes My Head Explode From Excitement

CoolGamesWorld Thunderstorm Super Soaker

Super Soaker is going to release a battery-enhanced water gun. And get this, it’ll have the privilege of being called “Thunderstorm.” But hold on kids, there are always two sides to the same coin.

Super Soakers are quite uncool
I used to have a Super Soaker as a kid. I wouldn’t really call it impressive seeing as how it required a squillion pumps to work (cue Michael Scott joke here), but I didn’t completely count it out either because it would still shoot even though I’d put all sorts of crap inside (Coca-cola, Kool-aid, water with corn syrup). Even though I felt incredibly clever for mixing crap with water, I’d always realize that I was a kid with a bad water gun who was still not Jean-Claude Van Damme from Time Cop. Not cool. Period.

On the other hand…

CoolGamesWorld Super Soakers Awesome

I have yet to be convinced.

As for the Thunderstorm, it only requires 4 AA batteries, and it comes with a magazine clip for water reloads. How cool is that? You’ll be able to take out each and every one of your buddies reload after reload after reload. Sublime.

CoolGamesWorld Thunderstorm Super Soaker

CoolGamesWorld Thunderstorm Super Soaker Magazine Clips

It’s slated for a release in Spring and it’ll only cost $15. $4 for the magazine clips if you’re hardcore. Buy two for kicks and forget about Van Damme.

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