The New iPod Nano Doubles As A Spanking Wristwatch

A few weeks ago, Stevie Jobs unveiled new designs on his Apple range. The iPod Nano being one of them. Since then, it’s taken on a sexier shape and as chance would have it, it doubles as a fairly spanking wristwatch. Yes, I’m actually talking about this. And I’m afraid this is one of those lazy Sunday posts.

But seriously take a look.


It’s square rims exude nerd-chic and the bright touchscreen makes it a real stunner. Too bad the new iPod Nano lacks Bluetooth (I think…) because a pair of wireless ear buds would certainly accentuate the cool. It’d be  very uncool to have wires running down to your wrist. But since we’re talking about this anyway, why no FaceTime? Eh. It doesn’t matter. Just remember to take this off when you wash your hands.


Pretty sweet

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