My Thoughts On Brink

This game looks sexy. I wasn’t really listening to the developers fawn about their genre-blending act but damn, this is sexy. With a k. Admittedly, I haven’t played too many FPS titles lately, so I could have extremely low expectations. (Reminder to self: CODII tomorrow) For those who haven’t read the wiki, Brink features a society comprised of The Resistance and The Security. They fight for rather limited resources using guns, parkour and other fancy shit.

I just finished the video actually. Being frank, I find that Splash Damage is stretching this genre-blending label a bit too much. Really, it could break like a second-hand err… As I was saying, the primary contention here is that each player’s experience is unique and that the line between offline or even online play would be effectively blurred. There’s also this thing about mass interactivity and that “everybody plays the game differently.” Pshaw. Whatever. It’s a shooter with badass written all over it, but to say that it crumbles the walls between genres seem overly premature.

There’s a context-sensitive rewards system which seems pretty attractive and the options available for guns and characters seem good enough. But I’m not hot over it. And that’s a potential problem. For the moment, Brink’s rewards system and weapons selection doesn’t really make me want to shed my Call Of Duty loyalties. The overall look, the graphics (unless what we saw there was some post game rendering) bear a striking resemblance to Team Fortress 2. Uncannily, much like TF2 (or any other FPS) Brink does features four character classes.

A quick breakdown…

  • Soldiers can resupply the team with ammunition/supplies and can destroy high priority targets
  • Engineers boost team stats and can build turrets
  • Medics take care of downed players
  • Operatives can interrogate and disguise themselves as enemy players

I kinda regret that Brink has Valve anti-cheat because honestly, how else could you shoot through walls? But you didn’t hear that from me.

For the moment Brink has some fairly sweet graphics, although I can’t speak for the gameplay itself. The idea that each player’s experience is unique does keep me interested and it also prevents me from discarding this title for something that’s decidedly more familiar. (Reminder to self: CODII tomorrow). Oh yes. Perfect moment to mention that there’s a “Wheel-based” objective menu. Each objective requires X amount of experience points to fulfill and depending on the number of points you have, it determines how you play the game. The video probably explains it better than I do. There’s also parkour-intensive movements which is simply perfect for Brink’s gameplay environment.

A point of relative irrelevance: I really like the “R” rendering next to evolution at the end of the video. It is cool. I will probably purchase this game for that very reason.

Bottom line I’m excited for another FPS game. Genre-melding or not, the graphics and “different game every time” experience should tide it out for me.

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