BMW High Security Is The Car James Bond Would Drive

The modern demand for security is so great that even touting a kid-proof Volvo just doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

For if you live in Miami and are constantly hounded by the threat of an Uzi, you just might require transportation that is slightly more appropriate.

Finally! A civilian alternative.


BMW now offers an automobile whose security features are so fantastic that they can only be found somewhere in the Jerry Bruckheimer underverse.

The models: BMW 760 Li High Security & BMW 750 Li High Security

Do not be fooled. These are actually tanks disguised as company sedans.


As you may expect, the doors, sunroof, the front foot well, and the car columns are all shielded with some special brand of steel. Even the undercarriage of the car is armoured with plates to protect you from the explosions that come inevitably from bombs, grenades and depth charges. But this isn’t even the most awesome part

The two inch windows are coated with some unique material that hold any glass shards in place should a bullet come whizzing by.


As for internal security, the new BMW models feature blast alarms that activate should you ever be under attack. A central fire extinguishing system puts out flames on your engine and flames at the car’s underbelly.

An internal tank filled with breathable air is also available if you ever need to face up against an insufferable gas attack.

And if that isn’t enough, BMW offers a central compartment that can safely store two pistols for the truly paranoid.

It seems like we’re all set then! Looks like nobody can take down this monster of a sedan.






Well. Until then.

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