Poof! Makes Your Poo Smell Nicer

Oh man. This has had to have happened to every walking Dick or Jane out there. There are just so many names for it. Gap cheese. Cap-sizing. The list goes on and on and on…
Roughing the outdoors with you

Roughing the outdoors with you

If you’ve consumed some faulty curry, or fox with some stocks, there’s a fairly great chance that the missiles are ready, and the repercussions could be just huge. And patently destructive, never forget that.
(I’m talking about poo if you haven’t caught on yet)

Poof makes poo be gone! Well sort of.

Poof can deal with this

Poof deals with the worst of scenarios

The product is Japanese in origin (not surprising) and it is essentially a deodorizing substance. You add it to the bowl (among your junk) and you just might be impressed by the resultant aroma of green mint. Meaning that everytime you leave a few, instead of being confronted with horror and pure evil, you’ll be uplifted by the fingers of Japanese goodness.

But now that I think about it… this may actually arouse suspicion. Imagine using someone’s washroom only to leave a sea of aromatic pleasure instead of the hell that its pre-supposed to instill. What would people think about you?

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