Try Some Of The Stuff That Mega Man Drinks

I was pushing aside some Gameboy Colour games so that I could reach for that elusive copy of Brain Age. I needed a good brain massage to wear off that dizzying spell I got from various first person shooters. The basket of stuff next to my NDS had a large selection of oldies. Notable mentions are Karateka, Super Mario, Tomb Raider and even a 32-in-1 that would shut off unprovoked after 4 minutes of play. Mega Man caught my eye. For the strangest reasons I decided to forget about all the next-gen games: Halo 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, GTA III, Guitar Hero II and even the allure of brain shiatsu to go after a badly animated, side-scroller. Alas, I didn’t even play Mega Man on a Gameboy. I had to use a PC-based emulator. Now that I’ve played it once more though, Mega Man actually serves up some mindless, detached play — which is completely acceptable.

Disaster! Thirsty. I find that my tepid water has become hot. By comparison, the energy tanks that Mega Man gulps for health and recreational fun look pretty damn great. A quick Google search reveals that the same blue vials I saw in the videogame will find their way into Japanese convenience stores. As part of a marketing campaign for the upcoming Mega Man 9 game in Japan, these little beverages will be released alongside two soundtracks. The drinks of course, will be known as Rockman E-Tank Sports Drink. It’s pretty much taken as fact that Japanese beverages are powerful enough to bring a man into tears, but I suspect that (like most energy drinks) E-Tanks taste like…crap. You can try it for 137 Yen ($1.25).

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