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Who is Dr. Cool?
The Man behind CoolGamesWorld, friendly Mensan and all-around intellectual. A damn fine friend of the community indeed. Dr. Cool is the premier authority on global gaming trends and is a leading expert in all things cool. He is the founder of CoolGamesWorld.com and has been CEO since its inception. In his spare time, Dr. Cool can be seen playing video games, blogging, and busting out moves in the MMA dojo. If you catch him at the right time, he just might show you how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Dr. Cool has a strong liking for homestyle potato crisps, Japanese cup-a-jellos, and drinking fine tea with the best of them.

This is his blog, a portal where he discusses prevalent issues embedded in the multi-faceted realm of cool.

Games. Gadgets. Technologies …. Cool Recalibrated.

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