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  • Paul Allen With Spaceship

    Paul Allen Sues The Entire Internet

    Somebody is going to get their ass handed back to them. Paul Allen is a business phenom. He’s co-founder of Microsoft and he spends his time being completely zen at Vulcan Inc. But this… this is something different. Allen is suing Google, Apple, AOL, Facebook,...


  • CoolGamesWorld_iPhone_Sparks

    US Senate Gets Involved In iPhone 4 Reception Problem

    Wow. This has officially gotten way out of hand. Chuck Schumer of the New York Senate just issued a press release demanding that Apple deliver a “clearly written explanation” on their reception problem. *Laughs uncontrollably* You got to be kidding me. Being honest here, I...


  • feature

    Play Games, Get Girls on New Social Network

    Well… not exactly. Though admittedly, that may be the dream for a substantial part of the population. There’s a new start-up out there that capitalizes on the Jeff Albertson, geek in all of us. It hurts, because you know it’s true.  Anyway, the start-up is...


  • xxx-logo

    New Dot-XXX Domain Extension Looks Super Sexy

    Every domain extension that you’ve heard of – .com, .net, .asia – all of them are rife with the things you’d find in the seedy porn underbelly.  Evidently, sex sells. Stuart Lawley, a London-based businessman has brokered a new deal with ICANN (Internet Corporation for...


  • CoolGamesWorld_FIFA_World_Cup_2010_Cover_South_Africa_Vuvuzela_Noise_Filter

    Vuvuzela Sounds Suck. Use Hacks And Stop Them.

    I hate the vuvuzela horn. I genuinely do. That’s why I’m so confused when the nice, educated, gentlemen at Youtube embedded a vuvuzela button on their video players. Out to get me probably. Turns out I’m not the only one that shares this same sentiment....


  • CoolGamesWorld_Super_Smash_Bros_Master_Hand

    Super Smash Bros. Secret That Took 7 Years To Unlock

    Oh my goodness. A phantom hand. It brings me back to my days in Socials 9 when I learned of Adam Smith. Creepy I know.  The phantom Master Hand also turns out to be this boss character in Super Smash bros. and *gasp* it’s shrouded...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Headphones

    i.Beat Blaxx MP3 Player Sounds Oh-so Racist

    If you’ve heard of iPod, you certainly should not have heard of iBeat. The company, whom I’ve relegated as one trying to capitalize upon the i-suffix mania, has recently made what some consider a very, very bad move. Their newest mp3 player, the i.Beat Blaxx...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Streaming_Porn_PS3

    Vivid Entertainment Predicts LOTS Of Boobs On Your PS3

    I suppose it’s only inevitable that something as sexy as pornography plants its long legs onto the PS3. I can confidently say that this can only lead to some very good business. Head executive of Vivid Entertainment Steven Hirsch recently opined that proprietors such as Japan’s...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Fighter_Jet_Guy_Almost_Gets_Hit_By_Fighter_Jet

    Whoa! Guy Almost Gets Hit By Fighter Jet.

    The video One guy and his cameraman stand their ground to confront a screeching F/A-18 Hornet. The flyby is unusually low; with the plane’s nose only being  several feet from the cameraman’s fragile, unprotected face. I type this with a chuckle, tickled that I get...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Doraemon_Google_Thumb

    Google Celebrates Doraemon’s Birthday. With Drawings.

    Doraemon, possibly the cutest, bluest, weirdest piece of hair celebrates… uh, a birthday, I think. Nobody’s that giggly without reason. If you all don’t know Doraemon, the manga comics describe him to be a futuristic robot empowered with pockets that leverage scientific technicalities that exist...