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  • CoolGamesWorld Peel and Stick Pockets Instruction

    Peel and Stick Pockets Are Something You Need

    Fantastic idea. Peel-and-stick pockets are this generation’s sliced bread. I’m always lacking pockets when I go out and more often than not I tend to sacrifice something – say cash, credit cards and ID – to free up a pocket for my Game Boy color....


  • fake apple store

    In China They Knockoff Entire Apple Stores

    China can be quite amazing. Selling fake iPods isn’t profitable enough. Not when you can knockoff entire stores. These photos were taken by an American couple living in Kunming. Only problem is that Kunming is so out of the way that it’s nowhere near the...


  • Forward Osmosis Bag NASA

    Astronaut Bag Turns Pee Into Gatorade

    // Space craft Atlantis is so lucky. Why? The crew will have access to new food technology: a magical crap bag capable of turning any liquid into sugary, electrolyte-rich fluids. And by any liquid, I mean any liquid. Move aside Bear Grylls, pee is no...


  • I Point Out the Flaws in the CDC's Official Zombie Emergency Plan

    I Point Out the Deadly Flaws in the CDC’s Official Zombie Emergency Plan

    A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discusses plans to handle a zombie apocalypse. While a lot of Americans might see this as an indication of the U.S. government’s concern, smarter people assume that this is some clever ploy to remind the public...


  • Superman meets Doctor Who awkwared

    It Would Get Real Awkward if Superman and Doctor Who Met [Comic]

    A funny online comic to lighten your mood, that is, if you like Superman and Doctor Who. I do, so yay for me. Enjoy the corniness. Several observations of mine: Why is Superman in London? His legs? Surprisingly hairy. Shorts with pink hearts are actually...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Sega_Logo

    In Japan, Where Sega Games Are Controlled By Piss

    Sega Japan is such an innovator in a weird, gross, twisted way. It involves piss… because most thing in Japan invariably do. I remember writing about a game a few years ago released on the Wii and it kinda relates to this. Anyway, on to...


  • kungfupanda_33

    Researchers Dress Up As Pandas In The Name Of Science

    I just spat out pieces of raw chicken and downed an Asahi to bolster my spirits. Needless to say, I feel pretty badass right now. It’s safe to say that I’m running on some sort of inexplicable high right now, likely stemming from the joy...


  • iphone-vertical_keyboard

    New Apple Patent Removes Dirty Words From Text Messages :(

    Apple recently filed a patent that implements a control filter on certain words. But it’s okay. You needn’t care. According to the official patent, “The…control application evaluates whether or not the communication contains approved text based on, for example, objective ratings criteria or a user’s...


  • battlestar_galactica_intro

    Starship Enterprise Hidden In Battlestar Galactica

    Somewhere on the edge of the universe, Captain James Kirk went out of his way to steal the thunder of some other sci-fi show. Now this is just badass. Admittedly I’m not too updated with BSG but this really makes me want to  change my...


  • Google_Logo

    Silly Google Messes With Search Results For “Anagram”

    I have to post this. After all, it could be gone by tomorrow evening. Google “anagram.” Right now. Oh Google. Yes we get it. I’m amused because I’m a nice guy, but imagine the surprise of those who were legitimately trying to find a definition....