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  • Star Wars Deleted Scenes Luke

    Never-before-seen Deleted Scenes From Star Wars. Awesome. [Video]

    Damn. There are more of them. These never-before-seen deleted scenes look surprisingly good especially when they’re played over thumping Star Wars music. This was the main reason why Comic-con was held at San Diego yesterday. You look: Favorite part of the video? When it starts...


  • Star Wars RTS

    Star Wars RTS on a 20ft. Touchwall Looks Fantastic [Video]

    Look at this. It’s a video game. It’s Star Wars. It’s played on a 20 foot LCD Touchwall. Sold. How does this sorcery work? You look: IT’S A TRAP! A little background: The game’s called Force Commander and it was developed by Arthur Nishimoto, a...


  • The Adventure of Tintin The Secret Unicorn

    New Tintin Trailer Looks Exciting, Sort of

    So it turns out that Tintin is being made into a movie. The list of people behind it is definitely impressive. Steven Spielberg directing, Peter Jackson producing. Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish were even brought in as writers. So check out the trailer....


  • Nathan Fillion Swamp Ass PSA

    Nathan Fillion Talks Swamp Ass [Video]

    Dude this is disgusting. Some people call it mud butt, Nathan Fillion calls it swamp ass in this faux PSA-like commercial. So what exactly is swamp ass? Fillion calls it as a “bayou-like” condition in one’s pants which is really hilarious but technically incorrect. As...


  • Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds

    New Green Lantern Trailer Has Lots of Action, Little Talking. Good.

    The New Green Lantern trailer involves very little talking to be honest. Granted Ryan Reynolds recites some sort of mantra that shows you how serious he is about this Green Lantern business. I’d say this trailer is considerably better than the first teaser released earlier...


  • Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer Screenshot

    Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer Leaves Me Excited, Unsettled

    The full trailer is finally here and it’s nothing like the crappy ones they fed us months before. The game preview feeds us loads of eye-candy. Graphics are crisp and as far as I can tell, there will be single player campaigns across America, England,...


  • Transformers Dark of the Moon trailer

    French Transformers 3 Trailer Reveals New Footage, Characters [Video]

    The eager people out there are no doubt stoked to catch extra glimpses of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. A new trailer premiered at the Cannes Festival with more footage and more characters. Only thing is the entire thing is in French. It’s okay because...


  • Brink3

    My Thoughts On Brink

    This game looks sexy. I wasn’t really listening to the developers fawn about their genre-blending act but damn, this is sexy. With a k. Admittedly, I haven’t played too many FPS titles lately, so I could have extremely low expectations. (Reminder to self: CODII tomorrow)...


  • CoolGamesWorld_StarcraftII_Wings_Of_Liberty_Video_Game_Leaked_Screenshot

    Starcraft II LEAKED. See The Video Here.

    Oh baby. Blizzard is going to have a field day. Well, it’s already had several. There are little Starcraft II copies running around the internet right now and for the time being, gamers in the UK have managed to crack open a Collector’s Edition of...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Super_Smash_Bros_Master_Hand

    Super Smash Bros. Secret That Took 7 Years To Unlock

    Oh my goodness. A phantom hand. It brings me back to my days in Socials 9 when I learned of Adam Smith. Creepy I know. ┬áThe phantom Master Hand also turns out to be this boss character in Super Smash bros. and *gasp* it’s shrouded...