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  • Scarlett Johansson Avengers Black Widow mod

    Scarlett Johansson Looking Super Snazzy As Black Widow [Video]

    The Avengers is coming out soon and it’s fairly clear that Scarlett Johansson seems to be the primary draw for a myriad of would-be viewers. Watch this clip of Scarlett Johansson playing the Black Widow as she lives through a poorly conducted interrogation while looking...


  • Internet Meme Proposal

    Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Internet Memes

    Neatly dressed nerd with combed hair proposes to his girlfriend in Kuala Lumpur. Being clever, he uses a series of Internet memes to convey his mind. God bless, it actually worked. You Look: Holding back the tears :’) Well done Tim, best of luck to...


  • Angry Birds Christmas Lights Game Close Up

    New Angry Birds Christmas Light Game Seems Excessive

    So good news. Turns out I’m not the nerdiest person on the block. If you’re an Angry Birds fan, you’ll really appreciate this outdoor, light-powered game. It’s essentially Angry Birds but louder and far less accessible. Loving the plastic-hose controller. It’s been programmed so that...


  • Freddie Wong Future of Interactive Gaming

    The Future of Motion Control Gaming Looks Pretty Kickass [Video]

    I don’t know if you’ve watched any of Freddie Wong’s videos on Youtube. They’ve got amazing visual effects. In this latest video, Freddie speculates on the future of interactive gaming. He runs around, shoots at Chimera monsters from Resistance (Insomniac actually animated them for this...


  • Cookie Monster Eats Xbox 360

    Cookie Monster Looks Baked, Eats An Entire Xbox [Video]

    Oh man oh man. Wow. Video game designer Tim Schafer walks on “conveyer belt” Sesame Street. Xbox 360 in hand, he’s real excited about going home to play with his kid (WTF). Somehow Cookie Monster gets involved and he ends up eating both cookie and...


  • Super Mario Portal Gun

    What If Mario Had A Portal Gun? [Video]

    So I’m on Youtube right? And then I find this. Classic Mario having fun with wormholes i.e. Portal Gun. The possibilities are endless and the game is now utterly unfair. You look: The Highlights: Mario is now practically invincible. He fires portals into floors and...


  • Portal No Escape Film

    Watch Portal ‘No Escape’ Short Film

    The Portal: No Escape short film has a pretty exciting vibe to it. It’s grittier, does a reasonable job exploring the Portal concept, and it kinda takes itself too seriously, which is fine by me. You look: I’m quite impressed with the film’s production value....


  • Mayor Zuokas Crushes Car With Tank mod

    Mayor Crushes Illegally Parked Cars With Tank

    Some people just don't give a rat's ass.


  • Harrison Ford destroys papa smurf Conan O Brien

    Harrison Ford Wrecks A Smurf On Conan [Video]

    Cowboys & Aliens narrowly beat out The Smurfs at the box office last weekend. Even though it’s a victory, Harrison Ford looks remarkably pissed. Why? His son watched The Smurfs. That means some of the money that went to the Smurfs movie came from his...


  • Doctor Who Series 6 trailer

    The Doctor Saves Hitler’s Life in New Series 6 Trailer

    Man I love Doctor Who. The new trailer for Series 6 looks fantastic, as most Who trailers typically do. I have to point something out though. There’s always something ridiculously wrong in the Doctor Who universe. With each subsequent series, the problem gets even more...