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  • CoolGamesWorld Sony Playstation 4 Big Reveal

    Sony Gives First Glimpse of Next-Gen Playstation 4 Console [Video]

    After Microsoft’s big reveal of its’ latest Xbox One console, Sony has been busy generating hype for its PS4. A couple weeks ago, Sony gave details on its latest next-gen console but didn’t provide any glimpses at what it actually looked like. They went over...


  • CoolGamesWorld Google Doodle Robert Moog Synthesizer Keyboard Title

    Jam Out With Robert Moog Google Doodle

    Let us celebrate Robert Moog’s birthday today with a finely crafted Google Doodle that has taken up more time than I’ll admit. You can do quite a lot with today’s Doodle and from a technical design perspective, it’s presented very well. You can play the...


  • Darpa Wireless charge

    Wireless Power Charges Might Be Next for Darpa

    Darpa, the United States’ Defense Department’s advanced research unit is planning on building a short-range power transmission system. Basically, a wireless charger that works up to a range of two meters. Now you and I can obviously see military applications to this. If you’re a...


  • Toyota Window to the World

    Toyota’s Window to the World Makes Backseat Driving Fun Again

    Backseat driving is fun again. As a kid I had very little to do while riding in my parent’s car. Sometimes if I was feeling particularly artistic, I’d imagine Bugs Bunny was running along side my car, waving to me from outside. These I referred...


  • fake apple store

    In China They Knockoff Entire Apple Stores

    China can be quite amazing. Selling fake iPods isn’t profitable enough. Not when you can knockoff entire stores. These photos were taken by an American couple living in Kunming. Only problem is that Kunming is so out of the way that it’s nowhere near the...


  • Star Wars RTS

    Star Wars RTS on a 20ft. Touchwall Looks Fantastic [Video]

    Look at this. It’s a video game. It’s Star Wars. It’s played on a 20 foot LCD Touchwall. Sold. How does this sorcery work? You look: IT’S A TRAP! A little background: The game’s called Force Commander and it was developed by Arthur Nishimoto, a...


  • Forward Osmosis Bag NASA

    Astronaut Bag Turns Pee Into Gatorade

    // Space craft Atlantis is so lucky. Why? The crew will have access to new food technology: a magical crap bag capable of turning any liquid into sugary, electrolyte-rich fluids. And by any liquid, I mean any liquid. Move aside Bear Grylls, pee is no...


  • Bendable Paper Phone

    Bendable Paper Phone Looks Super Bendy, Durable

    If you’re anything like me, you have an insane urge to challenge the durability of your smart phone. Look at that thing. It’s ugly, obviously incomplete, and if I’m not mistaken, already tainted with corporate interests (do you see the Starbucks logo?). But despite all...


  • playstation-logo-computer-wallpapers-1024x768

    [LEAKED] New Playstation Phone?

    What sorcery is this? A quick surf on the blogosphere reveals something loosely resembling a Playstation Phone. Thank heavens for unfaithful industry insiders. I don’t even know if this exists, but it looks like Sony ripped the Xperia design and mounted gaming keys as well...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Sega_Logo

    In Japan, Where Sega Games Are Controlled By Piss

    Sega Japan is such an innovator in a weird, gross, twisted way. It involves piss… because most thing in Japan invariably do. I remember writing about a game a few years ago released on the Wii and it kinda relates to this. Anyway, on to...