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  • CoolGamesWorld_Free_Bumper_Cases_iPhone_4_Press_Conference_Steve_Jobs

    Free Bumper Cases For Apple iPhone 4 Owners

    I’m not entirely sure if this is because of the Chuck Schumer incident, but it seems like Apple is stepping up and handing out free bumper cases to iPhone 4 owners. We all know about “antenna-gate” and the “death grip” debacle but I can’t help...


  • CoolGamesWorld_New_iPod_Touch_Next_Generation_iPod_Logo

    New iPod Touch In The Making? Take A Sneak Peek Now.

    iPhone4 just got released, albeit along with a bevy of problems. You probably know about them. Anyway, it’s likely that a new, iPod touch is on the way. Though there’s no official designation, let’s be avant-garde my friends, and call it… iPod 4. Rumors in...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Starcraft2_Logo

    New Starcraft II Hardware Shows Others How Well You Play

    There is new PC hardware out there. It is Starcraft-themed and I gather that many of you out there, want it. The new hardware line includes the Marauder (keyboard), the Spectre (mouse) and the Banshee (headset). Look at those babies, sleek, outrageously sexy and very expensive looking....


  • CoolGamesWorld_iPhone_Sideways

    Deposit Paper Checks Using Just Your iPhone

    I hate that there’s a cap on the time you can deposit a check. You know, me being so busy and all. No matter. Banking giant CHASE has got this under wraps. Using wonderful technology, users can deposit paper checks into CHASE accounts via iPhone. Really,...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Apple_Logo_Black_White

    Easy Way To Fix iPhone 4 Reception Problems

    Jobs has released yet another product. The iPhone 4 is beautifully curved, sleek, wondrously sexy and has an uncanny ability to make lots and lots of money. The damnest thing however is that it also has an uncanny ability to not take phone calls. For...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Headphones

    i.Beat Blaxx MP3 Player Sounds Oh-so Racist

    If you’ve heard of iPod, you certainly should not have heard of iBeat. The company, whom I’ve relegated as one trying to capitalize upon the i-suffix mania, has recently made what some consider a very, very bad move. Their newest mp3 player, the i.Beat Blaxx...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Grenade_USB_Drive

    Hand Grenade USB Drive Looks Explosive

    A USB drive that looks like a hand grenade is mighty dangerous. There come’s a point where flash memory becomes so handy that you can fit it in weird shapes like these. If you’re really jonesing the public’s attention, a quick hand-out of $20 will...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Hitachi_logo

    UPDATE – Hitachi’s SimpleTOUGH Hard Drives Aren’t That Tough [VIDEO]

    Been browsing on YouTube again. [youtube=] The Video A man on a ladder has his hands perched up to a carefully measured 9 ft. He gracefully lets go and sends the tiny Hitachi drive plummeting to its concrete demise. He does it again. The Lesson Hitachi’s...


  • CoolGamesWorld_PS3_Slim

    Confirmed: A Leaner And Meaner PS3 Slim

    We officially have a new PS3. It looks pretty okay but it lacks the momentous shine of earlier models. I suppose that’s what you get for doing without those delicious machine curves. So far, they’re offering 120 GB configurations for a slim price of $299....


  • CoolGamesWorld_Verbatim_Insight_Hard_Drive

    Verbatim InSight Hard Drives Are Cool And Sexy

    InSight portable hard drives! Gotta love Verbatim. They have awesome blank media and that nifty lightscribe technology. So cheers to these sexy gadgets. Weight 6 ounces Length 6 inches Memory Capacity 320 GB; 500 GB configurations Why it’s Cool The LCD will give you a...