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  • CoolGamesWorld Sony Playstation 4 Big Reveal

    Sony Gives First Glimpse of Next-Gen Playstation 4 Console [Video]

    After Microsoft’s big reveal of its’ latest Xbox One console, Sony has been busy generating hype for its PS4. A couple weeks ago, Sony gave details on its latest next-gen console but didn’t provide any glimpses at what it actually looked like. They went over...


  • CoolGamesWorld Peel and Stick Pockets Instruction

    Peel and Stick Pockets Are Something You Need

    Fantastic idea. Peel-and-stick pockets are this generation’s sliced bread. I’m always lacking pockets when I go out and more often than not I tend to sacrifice something – say cash, credit cards and ID – to free up a pocket for my Game Boy color....


  • CoolGamesWorld Wii U Tablet New Design hyper resolution

    Check Out the Newly Redesigned Wii U Tablet

    The Wii U Tablet just went through a mild redesign. The Old The New Some QA Tester from TT Games tweeted an image a couple hours ago and you can notice some subtle differences between this new tablet and the one the world saw at...


  • Disaster proof backpack Kazuo Kawasaki

    Really Tough Backpack Looks Sexy, Take Beatings During Emergencies

    This looks odd. But it’s sexy in a non-conventional way. A team from Osaka University teamed up with designer Dr. Kazuo Kawasaki to create this, the “Vaccine Refrigerator,” a backpack to store vials of injections and medicine. Or a #8 on Quizno’s menu. This baby...


  • Darpa Wireless charge

    Wireless Power Charges Might Be Next for Darpa

    Darpa, the United States’ Defense Department’s advanced research unit is planning on building a short-range power transmission system. Basically, a wireless charger that works up to a range of two meters. Now you and I can obviously see military applications to this. If you’re a...


  • AK47 graphic art

    Miniature Gun Models Are Cute & Sexy, Fire Real Bullets

    Alexander Perfiliev has lots of time. The master gun smith has miniaturized AK47s, revolvers, pistols, Mausers, pretty much any gun you can think of. They’re about 4 times smaller than the original and they’re AWFULLY cute. I mean look at that thing. Passing thought: small...


  • Super Soaker Epic

    New “Thunderstorm” Super Soaker Makes My Head Explode From Excitement

    Super Soaker is going to release a battery-enhanced water gun. And get this, it’ll have the privilege of being called “Thunderstorm.” But hold on kids, there are always two sides to the same coin. Super Soakers are quite uncool I used to have a Super...


  • playstation-logo-computer-wallpapers-1024x768

    [LEAKED] New Playstation Phone?

    What sorcery is this? A quick surf on the blogosphere reveals something loosely resembling a Playstation Phone. Thank heavens for unfaithful industry insiders. I don’t even know if this exists, but it looks like Sony ripped the Xperia design and mounted gaming keys as well...


  • ws-space-apple-logo-1440x9001

    The New iPod Nano Doubles As A Spanking Wristwatch

    A few weeks ago, Stevie Jobs unveiled new designs on his Apple range. The iPod Nano being one of them. Since then, it’s taken on a sexier shape and as chance would have it, it doubles as a fairly spanking wristwatch. Yes, I’m actually talking...


  • CoolGamesWorld_iPhone4_istethoscope

    Turn Your iPhone Into A Stethoscope

    Firstly, I’m a bit skeptical. This sounds kind of like the lie-detector app that does nothing but serve you random yes’s, no’s, and definitely maybe’s. It also appears to be in the same vein as martial art tutorials that teach you to knock men out...