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  • Wow Uch King

    Play World of Warcraft Free

    You heard me. Free. World of Warcraft is being handed out like hot cakes. Is somebody crazy? What you get: 20 levels Up to 10 gold coins Unlimited number of characters What you don’t get: Guild membership Why it’s cool: You save £8.99, which is...


  • Free PS3 and PSP Games

    It’s Here! Sony’s List of Free PS3 and PSP Games :D

    I talked yesterday about how Sony was carting out free goodies to make up for the PSN outage. Free video games seems to have been the hot topic but the exact titles were not yet known. Sony just released a list on their blog and...


  • PSN Network

    Sony Giving out Free PS3 and PSP Games

    Sony is looking to bribe you with some FREE games. Check out what they’re offering below. Since the Playstation Network was effectively out of commission for several weeks, the company is offering PS3 and PSP games to mollify the crowds. UPDATE: Check out the list...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Free_Bumper_Cases_iPhone_4_Press_Conference_Steve_Jobs

    Free Bumper Cases For Apple iPhone 4 Owners

    I’m not entirely sure if this is because of the Chuck Schumer incident, but it seems like Apple is stepping up and handing out free bumper cases to iPhone 4 owners. We all know about “antenna-gate” and the “death grip” debacle but I can’t help...


  • CoolGamesWorld_StarcraftII_Wings_Of_Liberty_Video_Game_Leaked_Screenshot

    Starcraft II LEAKED. See The Video Here.

    Oh baby. Blizzard is going to have a field day. Well, it’s already had several. There are little Starcraft II copies running around the internet right now and for the time being, gamers in the UK have managed to crack open a Collector’s Edition of...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Apple_Logo_Black_White

    Easy Way To Fix iPhone 4 Reception Problems

    Jobs has released yet another product. The iPhone 4 is beautifully curved, sleek, wondrously sexy and has an uncanny ability to make lots and lots of money. The damnest thing however is that it also has an uncanny ability to not take phone calls. For...


  • Get Your Free Copy Of DaggerFall

    Get Your Free Copy Of DaggerFall

    It’s been 15 years already. Bethesda celebrates in a way we all love most. They’re releasing a FREE copy of Elder Scrolls II: DaggerFall on their site. You’ll need a pithy 148 MB for the download. Hope you enjoy the mess of running a 15...


  • TweetCraft – Show Off Your Warcraft Skills With Twitter

    TweetCraft – Show Off Your Warcraft Skills With Twitter

    A partnership between World Of Warcraft and Twitter lets you post your ingame achievements online — to everyone.  You can send/receive tweets, or even screenshots of your session with this little tool. Check out the vid below to see what the whole process looks like....


  • Celebrate The Fourth Of July With A FREE Saktue

    Celebrate The Fourth Of July With A FREE Saktue

    July 4th brings to mind clips from The Patriot, images of warm beer and Dick Cheney. I don’t know what I’m talking about. What I do know is that if you run over to the PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to receive a Sacktue Of...


  • Do it yourself! Build Knockout Power In 3 Simple Exercises

    Do it yourself! Build Knockout Power In 3 Simple Exercises

    Ever throw a punch? Any martial artist worth their salt will quickly tell you that the secret in maximizing damage is turning on and off your muscles — kinda like a switch. In traditional karate, throwing a solid right hand should begin with force at...