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  • CoolGamesWorld Sony Playstation 4 Big Reveal

    Sony Gives First Glimpse of Next-Gen Playstation 4 Console [Video]

    After Microsoft’s big reveal of its’ latest Xbox One console, Sony has been busy generating hype for its PS4. A couple weeks ago, Sony gave details on its latest next-gen console but didn’t provide any glimpses at what it actually looked like. They went over...


  • Free PS3 and PSP Games

    It’s Here! Sony’s List of Free PS3 and PSP Games :D

    I talked yesterday about how Sony was carting out free goodies to make up for the PSN outage. Free video games seems to have been the hot topic but the exact titles were not yet known. Sony just released a list on their blog and...


  • PSN Network

    Sony Giving out Free PS3 and PSP Games

    Sony is looking to bribe you with some FREE games. Check out what they’re offering below. Since the Playstation Network was effectively out of commission for several weeks, the company is offering PS3 and PSP games to mollify the crowds. UPDATE: Check out the list...


  • Ping_logo

    Apple Introduces New Social Network: Ping

    Apple is simply one of the most powerful multinational companies out there. It is currently this (_____)  close to capturing the entire Outernet. The Plan (so far): Set up small-time computer company Win people over with cutesy apple logo Act like there really is no...


  • Paul Allen With Spaceship

    Paul Allen Sues The Entire Internet

    Somebody is going to get their ass handed back to them. Paul Allen is a business phenom. He’s co-founder of Microsoft and he spends his time being completely zen at Vulcan Inc. But this… this is something different. Allen is suing Google, Apple, AOL, Facebook,...


  • feature

    Play Games, Get Girls on New Social Network

    Well… not exactly. Though admittedly, that may be the dream for a substantial part of the population. There’s a new start-up out there that capitalizes on the Jeff Albertson, geek in all of us. It hurts, because you know it’s true.  Anyway, the start-up is...


  • xxx-logo

    New Dot-XXX Domain Extension Looks Super Sexy

    Every domain extension that you’ve heard of – .com, .net, .asia – all of them are rife with the things you’d find in the seedy porn underbelly.  Evidently, sex sells. Stuart Lawley, a London-based businessman has brokered a new deal with ICANN (Internet Corporation for...


  • CoolGamesWorld_Streaming_Porn_PS3

    Vivid Entertainment Predicts LOTS Of Boobs On Your PS3

    I suppose it’s only inevitable that something as sexy as pornography plants its long legs onto the PS3. I can confidently say that this can only lead to some very good business. Head executive of Vivid Entertainment Steven Hirsch recently opined that proprietors such as Japan’s...


  • Netscape Backs Up New Mysterious Browser

    Netscape Backs Up New Mysterious Browser

    Netscape lost the Browser War a few years ago when Microsoft gave it a massive spanking. Undeterred, the Marc Andreesen team (Netscape co-founder) has jumped ship onto another ‘mysterious new browser’ that looks at taking the fight back to Microsoft again. The new browser that...


  • Macau: Gambling Capital Of The World

    Macau: Gambling Capital Of The World

    Article by iConsultants With increasing foreign investments and liberalization of its gaming industry, Macau is currently experiencing unprecedented economic growth. Revenues in Macau’s now $15 billion gaming industry surpassed those of Las Vegas near the end of 2006. According to Macau’s Statistics and Census Service and...