Check out the new God of War: Ascension Demo from E3!

Wow. God of War: Ascension looks amazingly good. During this year’s E3 2012 Sony Press Conference, Game Director Todd Papy made the world very excited by showing glimpses of the upcoming God of War video game.

From what I hear, GoW Ascension is a prequel to the adventure and it “takes us right back to where it all began.” I for one really don’t care and would have been content with a straight up sequel, but I’ll settle for whatever storyline gimmick they’ll put in the upcoming game. So long as it comes out fast.

You Look:

I am very impressed with the graphical sorcery in this preview. Watching Kratos smash half-man, half-animal monsters has renewed my interest in the series. The violence, the head ripping and the landscape are things I’m really smitten about. That said, I’m going to go dust off my copy of God of War 3 after I finish this post.

I really like the Elephant Man baddy at the 6:40 mark. It seems to be a side step from the over used “demonic” creatures that Kratos typically fights. My friends think it could be Ganesh, or something from Hindu mythology. Kratos battling it out with monsters from other cultures would definitely be a great idea.

As always, Kratos ends this video preview by jumping off a cliff and into some monster’s mouth.

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