Peel and Stick Pockets Are Something You Need

CoolGamesWorld Peel and Stick Pockets

Fantastic idea. Peel-and-stick pockets are this generation’s sliced bread. I’m always lacking pockets when I go out and more often than not I tend to sacrifice something – say cash, credit cards and ID – to free up a pocket for my Game Boy color.

The man behind it, Ryan Vanderbilt has found a need and created a product. He’s selling them these Peel-and-stick pockets on Etsy for $15. Well done sir.

It’s summer now, and if you’re enjoying yourself on a Hawaiian beach, you just might wanna stick this on your naked body. I’m going to put this on my belly button for some extra room.

Any creative ideas for Peel-and-stick pockets? Let us know in the comments.

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