Jam Out With Robert Moog Google Doodle

Let us celebrate Robert Moog’s birthday today with a finely crafted Google Doodle that has taken up more time than I’ll admit.

You can do quite a lot with today’s Doodle and from a technical design perspective, it’s presented very well.

You can play the Moog with your keypad and number rows, share on Google+, or even email the link to all of your friends. For you, a quick infographic.

CoolGamesWorld Google Doodle Robert Moog Synthesizer Keyboard

Make sure to turn the volume way up so you can truly appreciate the synthesizer and the electronic sounds Moog had wanted the world to hear.

People from UK and Australia got access to this beautiful Google Doodle a bit earlier and already, remixes/compositions/songs have sprung up on the further edges of the interwebs.

You Look:

I actually wondered where Google’s logo would show up in this session’s Doodle. I finally noticed G-O-O-G made up the Mixed, Oscillator, Filter and Envelope. The L and E are represented by the curling green and red wires. You wouldn’t notice it if you were enjoying the Moog in a normal way. I just have too much time on my hands.

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