Check Out the Newly Redesigned Wii U Tablet

The Wii U Tablet just went through a mild redesign.

The Old

CoolGamesWorld Wii U Controller E3

The New

CoolGamesWorld Wii U Tablet New Design

Some QA Tester from TT Games tweeted an image a couple hours ago and you can notice some subtle differences between this new tablet and the one the world saw at last year’s E3.

Things we noticed:
A new Wii U logo on the left under the touch screen
Plus and minus buttons are moved to the right
A small square outline underneath the d-pad
Another outline between the battery life indicator and power button
New Wii-style analog sticks as opposed to the flatter circles we saw last year
Also a light ring (similar to the Xbox 360) surrounding the Home button. Awesome.

Anything else we missed?

Let us know in the comments section below.

CoolGamesWorld Wii U Tablet Twitter Photo Screenshot

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