Zerg Rush Google Easter Egg Obliterates Search Results

There’s a new Google Easter Egg.

Type in Zerg Rush. You’ve just summoned an army of little “Os” that nudge and destroy your search results. It’s damn annoying too. Watching that life bar decrease actually gives me pause.

Feel Your Jaw Drop:

You earn points by clicking on the “Os,” and attack them till they drop. It seems easy, but there are an endless wave of baddies. You don’t really win. Resistance is futile :(

CoolGamesWorld Google Easter Egg Zerg Rush

At the end of the Zerg rush, the “Os” organize themselves into two huge “Gs.” Kinda reminds me of the Replicators in Stargate. Good Game indeed.

This little Easter egg is based off the ever-awesome video game Starcraft.

Click refresh at the end of the Easter egg if you have nothing to do.

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