The Future of Motion Control Gaming Looks Pretty Kickass [Video]

I don’t know if you’ve watched any of Freddie Wong’s videos on Youtube. They’ve got amazing visual effects.

In this latest video, Freddie speculates on the future of interactive gaming. He runs around, shoots at Chimera monsters from Resistance (Insomniac actually animated them for this video) and even takes a few hits himself. Freddie doesn’t take himself too seriously in this video and it’s pretty entertaining.

Check it out:

The Highlights:
Freddie takes a massive extension cord outside. It’s ugly, utterly unsophisticated and plugged into the Playstation in his backpack. Interestingly I own the same backpack. The silly camera on his head scans the alleyway and it renders a bunch of baddies for him to shoot. Not surprisingly Freddie takes out the first wave but is shot close to 7 times by a second group. No damage, although as an aside I do wonder how damage would be recorded in an interactive gaming setting like this. Anyway, Freddie activates a grenade from his Playstation Move controller and chucks it, figuratively.

According to Freddie, the technology required to set up a 3D shindig like this is already available. It still needs a lot of work but the video we just saw closely resembles what we might get in the near future.

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