Cookie Monster Looks Baked, Eats An Entire Xbox [Video]

Oh man oh man. Wow.

Video game designer Tim Schafer walks on “conveyer belt” Sesame Street. Xbox 360 in hand, he’s real excited about going home to play with his kid (WTF). Somehow Cookie Monster gets involved and he ends up eating both cookie and Xbox 360.

Am I High?

The Highlights:
Cookie Monster calls out the 5-second rule and eats his dough. He moves onto more ambitious items and eats the Xbox. That’s the part I don’t really get.

As an aside, it’s pretty scary that Cookie Monster can completely dismantle an Xbox when he’s so obviously baked. Having teeth might have also helped.

All in all a good way to promote Schafer’s Once Upon a Monster title. The game is tapped for an October release.

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