Huge Freaking Diamond Is As Big As Jupiter

This pretty much shames any ring you’ve purchased in recent days.

Diamond Planet Found

A few days ago scientists discovered a Jupiter-sized planet with a core containing super compressed carbon. Put another way, pure diamond.

This recent find is pretty unique seeing as how diamond planets were never thought to have existed.

This was published in Science Magazine. The people with lab coats paint a little story. Basically, there used to be two stars that orbited one another. One is about the size of our sun and the other one ten times larger. Billions of years ago, the bigger star went supernova and condensed into a pulsar. The smaller star aged in a more conventional way; its outer layers of helium and hydrogen eroded until it became a white dwarf. Even more layers would be taken off because of the pulsar’s immense gravitational pull. Eventually all that would be left is a massive block of carbon. Since Jupiter sized carbon blocks have unspeakable gravities of their own, it would collapse into itself, forming a crystalline substance, or diamond.

So in summary yes. There is an obscenely large diamond out there in the universe. The Koh-i-noor? To hell with that. Unfortunately we’re not gonna get to it soon. It’s 20 trillion miles away. But we can try. And when we do, we’ll build a resort on it.

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