Watch Portal ‘No Escape’ Short Film

The Portal: No Escape short film has a pretty exciting vibe to it. It’s grittier, does a reasonable job exploring the Portal concept, and it kinda takes itself too seriously, which is fine by me.

You look:

I’m quite impressed with the film’s production value. I know it’s supposed to be low budget (or is it? I don’t know) but that’s masked quite well. The visual effects are absolute steak-sauce. I like the fiery edges on the wormholes. The Portal drop at the end there was a feat in graphics as well.

A couple of questions though. How did buff girl find out about the Portal gun? Obviously she was tipped off by the Roman numerals on the wall (they never go past day 5 if you pause the video), but that doesn’t tell you anything about the weapon’s location. Freaking GlaDOS. It’s a “Truman Show” ending.

Full movie anybody?


Director Dan Trachtenberg used Twitter to recruit his production team. Woman with toned arms, the protagonist is actually an actress working for Universal Studios. She plays Sarah Conner in the T2 Live Action Experience. Her name is Danielle Rayne. Good news is Trachtenberg plans on creating more Portal films in the future. Some might even be full-length features.

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