Game Boy Swimsuit Is Sexy, Possibly The Only Game I’ll Play

My first thought? Konami code all the way.

Game Boy Swimsuit BlackMilk

This is one of those outfits that spell “arrest” for a multitude of people. I can’t help but be reminded of the same fetishes that have surrounded Slave Leia and Lara Croft. But unlike Slave Leia or Lara Croft, I think it’s easier to convince your girl to don this at the beach.

Game Boy Swimsuit BlackMilk 2

Or not.

This gift to mankind was made by BlackMilk and was quietly promoted on their Facebook page. Now I’m sure you don’t care. You’re probably thinking of a billion jokes to go with this item, because let’s face it, I am too. So let’s skip to the fun.

What do you think? Share your bad jokes in the comment section below.

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