Really Tough Backpack Looks Sexy, Take Beatings During Emergencies

This looks odd. But it’s sexy in a non-conventional way.

Disaster proof backpack Kazuo Kawasaki

A team from Osaka University teamed up with designer Dr. Kazuo Kawasaki to create this, the “Vaccine Refrigerator,” a backpack to store vials of injections and medicine. Or a #8 on Quizno’s menu.

This baby weighs less than 6 kilos (which is quite heavy already if I might add) and it’s supposed to be able to withstand beatings which to me implies falling rocks and errant bullets. It’s also custom made to store dozens of injection kits (also designed by Dr. Kawasaki) at a constant temperature for up to 3 days.

Disaster proof backpack Kazuo Kawasaki with injection vials

You can drop this thing via parachute into conflict zones.

Good design. I like it. It’s smart and minimalist.

Presented at the Design Tokyo exhibit.

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