Harrison Ford Wrecks A Smurf On Conan [Video]

Cowboys & Aliens narrowly beat out The Smurfs at the box office last weekend. Even though it’s a victory, Harrison Ford looks remarkably pissed. Why?

His son watched The Smurfs. That means some of the money that went to the Smurfs movie came from his son. Look at Ford’s face. It’s the same look he got in Bladerunner when he started killing people.

Check out the madness:

The Highlights:
Harrison Ford explains the situation: his son watched Cowboys & Aliens for free on an earlier day but ultimately ended up watching The Smurfs as well.

Conan O’Brien aggravates the situation. “That doesn’t seem right to me, that’s the movie that went up against you. So some of the money that went to The Smurfs came from your son. That doesn’t seem right, I’d be mad if I were you.”

Harrison Ford nods emphatically. He breaks out a screamer. “We’re gonna try and get it back.” The crowd roars. Hahaha. That’s real funny. Too bad he can’t.

Conan hands over a bearded Smurf and Indiana Jones tears it a new asshole. The end.

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