Wireless Power Charges Might Be Next for Darpa

Darpa, the United States’ Defense Department’s advanced research unit is planning on building a short-range power transmission system. Basically, a wireless charger that works up to a range of two meters.

Now you and I can obviously see military applications to this.

If you’re a soldier in Afghanistan being shot at,  it’s disappointing if you need to stop, find a socket and plug in your GPS. This little civilian throwback might even cause you to laugh a little (and then die because you just got shot).

Ideally the wireless charge would allow a single GI to carry a power unit while everyone around him could draw power.  Stuff like this sounds incredibly useful and practical. It makes me wonder why they didn’t do it earlier. My best guess is wireless power transmission can be tracked. Put another way, it’d give away the user’s position, which again would invariably lead to being shot at.

Quick research would tell you that as exciting as this type of technology is, it’s not exactly exotic.

Microwave Power Transmission for example has already been around for some time. I’ll let the always credible Wikipedia elaborate.

But beyond that, I myself would like to see this adapted to civilian use. It’s handy for laptops because it cuts down on wires. But imagine the size of the power unit.

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