The Doctor Saves Hitler’s Life in New Series 6 Trailer

Man I love Doctor Who.

The new trailer for Series 6 looks fantastic, as most Who trailers typically do.

I have to point something out though. There’s always something ridiculously wrong in the Doctor Who universe. With each subsequent series, the problem gets even more ridiculous and abstract. In Series 1 the world was ending. That’s pretty bad. Then we got end of reality and I thought to myself. Whoa! End of reality. That’s the mother of all problems. We can’t get worse then that. Obviously it can because I think in Series 4 we got the end of Time itself which to me, doesn’t sound too bad. In this Series, Time is running out. What does that even mean?!!! Also, the Doctor mumbles on about how he’s going to die. Even though this guy can regenerate it’s uh-oh time eh? Game changer right?

There’s a whole lot of nonsense packed in this trailer and by the end of it you realize that the Doctor just saved Hitler’s life. Tsk tsk.

Watch the insanity:

The Highlights
The Doctor talks about how he’s going to die. Woman with black eye patch shows up. Old Karen Gillian comes up on screen. Hitler thanks the Doctor for saving his life. The Doctor and a fat man share an intimate moment. Lots of monsters. The Doctor gets shot in the chest with green stuff. He smiles.

Favorite part?
When he “dies.” Supposedly.

The fun begins August 27. That’s not good enough.

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