Italian Cops Drive Lotus Evoras

The Italian Carabinieri are the country’s military police. They drive Lotus Evoras. You ever play Need for Speed? Remember the Super Troopers? The Carabinieri are their real life equivalants. You will never outrun them. Unless that is you’re me. Or you own a DeLorean.

I’m not exactly sure why the cops have these. Either the Italians run really fast or every third person drives a Ferrari. Should I move to Italy then?

These speedsters come standard with sirens, light bars and they’re probably reinforced. They’re also said to contain huge refrigerators. Why? To transport human organs on hospital runs. I’m not sure if that’s a joke or not.

A couple of thoughts:
This is Italy. Why aren’t they driving Ferraris?
Second, there’s no back seat. What happens when they actually catch someone?

Strap them on the roof?

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