Toyota’s Window to the World Makes Backseat Driving Fun Again

Backseat driving is fun again.

As a kid I had very little to do while riding in my parent’s car. Sometimes if I was feeling particularly artistic, I’d imagine Bugs Bunny was running along side my car, waving to me from outside. These I referred to as the pre-GameBoy days

Anyway, Toyota seems to have taken my idea and turned into a money-making potential with it’s Window to the World concept.

What is it?
A transparent touch screen that lets you draw cuddly animals into the foreground of what’s outside, pinch to zoom in on things in the distance and read information on what’s passing by. Pretty neat stuff.

Now it’s a concept but if it ever gets released I’d hope Toyota would throw in some augmented reality games, or things of that sort.

See it in action:

What I noticed:
Kid’s not wearing a seatbelt.

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