Star Wars RTS on a 20ft. Touchwall Looks Fantastic [Video]

Look at this.

It’s a video game. It’s Star Wars. It’s played on a 20 foot LCD Touchwall. Sold.

How does this sorcery work?

You look:


A little background:

The game’s called Force Commander and it was developed by Arthur Nishimoto, a graduate student from the University of Illinois’ Electronic Visualization Laboratory.

Basically, he ripped elements from pre-existing Star Wars games. He took an X-Wing here, a Death Star there and put it together in a computer program. The other things you see: the gameplay interface, fighter units etc. he apparently designed using MS Paint. I don’t believe it.

The operating resolution of the game is 8160 by 2304. And look, this Touchwall video game is so epic that it’s lagging.

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