New Tintin Trailer Looks Exciting, Sort of

So it turns out that Tintin is being made into a movie.

The list of people behind it is definitely impressive. Steven Spielberg directing, Peter Jackson producing. Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish were even brought in as writers.

So check out the trailer. It’s motion capture. You won’t mind.

You look:

Obviously there’s a lot of hype behind this production. The people standing at the helm is certainly enough to sell tickets. Watching the trailer leaves me with funny thoughts though. On the one hand: Spielberg! Simon Pegg! Tintin’s hair! On the other hand you realize that this is what Spielberg’s been trying to pull off since 1984. I’m still excited I guess. It seems like a good adventure and there’s some passable action sequences shown off by the trailer.

Favorite part:
When Tintin’s hair pop is synced with the sound of magical sparkles.

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