Nathan Fillion Talks Swamp Ass [Video]

Dude this is disgusting. Some people call it mud butt, Nathan Fillion calls it swamp ass in this faux PSA-like commercial. So what exactly is swamp ass? Fillion calls it as a “bayou-like” condition in one’s pants which is really hilarious but technically incorrect. As much as Fillion wants to blend in, he can’t even get swamp ass right, and he’d know that if he spent a day in his life playing video games. Poser.

But it’s okay Malcolm Reynolds. You’re too awesome not to be forgiven.

Watch Fillion doing acting:

The Highlights:

Fillion keeps a straight face as two poorly groomed men show you how horrible life can be. One guy keeps touching himself and eventually smells his own brownie. He gets up and witnesses an unspeakable contribution: stain from where he once sat. The lesson learned? Get up between breaks. Or use your mother’s hair dryer.

And Fillion? MY penis is the hammer.

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