Play World of Warcraft Free

You heard me. Free.
World of Warcraft is being handed out like hot cakes. Is somebody crazy?

What you get:
20 levels
Up to 10 gold coins
Unlimited number of characters

What you don’t get:

Guild membership

Why it’s cool:
You save £8.99, which is more than enough to buy several BK Flaming Whoppers. Maybe even a small soda.

Why it’s smarter than you think:
Free stuff is the future. Following Team Fortress 2′s example, the online game nearly tripled their existing membership after handing out free passes for one weekend. The logic is that if people like it, they’ll buy it. This little move is awfully shrewd as well. Here, people like me generating buzz, talking about free online membership but you’ll still have to buy the base game, which costs around $10. Although to be fair, I think Blizzard Inc. has handed out free day passes before, albeit with time restrictions.

Three expansion packs are planned to go with the free release. Ah! Even more money!

And lastly, if you really don’t know what World of Warcraft is, an article from the interwebs #livingunderarock

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