It’s Here! Sony’s List of Free PS3 and PSP Games :D

I talked yesterday about how Sony was carting out free goodies to make up for the PSN outage. Free video games seems to have been the hot topic but the exact titles were not yet known.

Sony just released a list on their blog and basically you can choose two titles from each list.

FREE PS3 Games
Little Big Planet
Dead Nation
Wipeout HD +Fury
Super Stardust HD

Little Big Planet
ModNation Racers
Pursuit Force
Killzone Liberation

Essentially you’ll download the titles for keeps but they’re only available for a month. But wait, there’s more.

Free movie rentals for a weekend, though the list has yet to be announced.

Playstation Home users will have access to 100 free virtual items, including the next installment of Home Mansion and an exclusive Home game called Ooblag’s Alien Casino. Sounds silly.

Music Unlimited users get back lost time and anyone working with a trial subscription get an additional 30 days for free.

Is that enough? You tell me.

I’ll keep the list updated. Maybe Sony is still itching to hand stuff out.

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