Sony Giving out Free PS3 and PSP Games

Sony is looking to bribe you with some FREE games.

Check out what they’re offering below.

Playstation 3 Logo

Since the Playstation Network was effectively out of commission for several weeks, the company is offering PS3 and PSP games to mollify the crowds.

UPDATE: Check out the list of FREE Playstation games.

Stuff you’ll get:

Two PS3 games out of a list of five
Two PSP games out of a list of four
30 day subscription to Playstation Plus
A year of identity protection

That last addition is particularly thoughtful and it really makes me laugh since Square Enix just got hacked. Tell me is this the latest trend?

As for the video games, I’m sure we’ll expect some of the greatest hits that mankind has known, everything from Pet Horsez 2 to Barry Hatter, the famed boy magician.

But is this enough?

Okay. You got your network back and you’ve probably spent an entire afternoon playing Portal co-op with some expert kid from Malaysia.

Keep in mind though that your personal information – passwords and answers to security questions – are now in some other person’s hands.

I think Sony could do better. What do you think? More games? More everything? Leave your thoughts below.

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