Duke Nukem ‘Shrinkage’ Trailer is Ridiculous as it is Awesome

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem has been in development since 1997. Quite embarrassing since the game is now a perfect synonym for crappy, non-existent software that never gets released.

Shame on you Duke Nukem for making me wait so long. But in order to whet my thoroughly depressed appetite 2K Games has released a trailer dubbed “Shrinkage.”

You look:

The Highlights
Duke Nukem gets shrunk down to pigmy size and battles conveniently small foes in burger bars, streets and public washrooms.

Even though he’s freakishly outsized, he manages to seduce several women, including one that’s standing next to her pre-pubescent child. See the madness at time mark 0:38

After defeating a hallway of monsters with an R/C car, he is put back to full size with a particle expander. Although truth be told, how is it that he was never stepped on?

Duke continues to kill everything including the tiny foes using energy weapons and oversized shoes.

Does the game seem kind of anti-climatic? Yeah, I suppose so. It’s no Halo killer, and I don’t think anybody’s expecting it to be. But it’s full of action, vulgarities and explosions. Ridiculous as it is awesome.

And that tag line? Bigger isn’t always better? Lies.

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