Bendable Paper Phone Looks Super Bendy, Durable

Bendable Paper Phone

If you’re anything like me, you have an insane urge to challenge the durability of your smart phone.

Look at that thing. It’s ugly, obviously incomplete, and if I’m not mistaken, already tainted with corporate interests (do you see the Starbucks logo?). But despite all that, it signifies the next generation of mobile communication.

Teams at Canada’s Queens University and Arizona State University have developed this flexible piece of film that measure 9.5 centimeters. Obviously durable, and a bit innovative.

Making a phone call is as weird as bending the thing and squeezing the appropriate buttons.

Would I buy it? The awkward dialing makes me think no. But, the super durability is an added bonus. Imagine being able to fold this baby to put in your pocket. But if that fails you could always it as a thing to divide your bills.

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